Balanced performance

A fast CPU is not fast when it must wait because of too little memory, or a slow drive!

The MPG Pro Laptop makes your work fast and smooth because the CPU spends most of its time working, not waiting.

No guessing here—we measure and test. Our recommendations are based on research proving the results, found throughout Mac Performance Guide. The MPG Pro Laptop is the realization of that research. These laptops run as fast as they can by:

Adobe® Photoshop and large files

Huge performance gain with SSD vs fast hard drive

Monster files? Not a problem!

As file sizes grow, MPG Pro Laptops continue to yield high performance for Adobe Photoshop, especially those with a dual solid state drive configuration, which doubles the speed and capacity.

Your MPG Pro Laptop arrives configured for ideal Photoshop performance, and we show you how to configure Photoshop itself for top performance here on this site. (See Optimizing Photoshop.)

Each MPG Pro Laptop has at least one solid state drive which offers considerably higher performance than any hard drive.

Gone are the days when a single slow drive cuts your efficiency in Photoshop down to a fraction of its potential!

We recommend a maximum memory configuration for users with large Lightroom libraries.

Lightroom lightning-fast

Does your system drag its feet as you flip through images one-at-a-time? Are pauses and "rendering preview" slowing you down?

Perhaps you'd prefer the kind of speed where your images can fly by as if showing a movie? That's the kind of system you deserve, and precisely what we've delivered for our consulting clients. The MPG Pro Laptop unshackles Adobe Lightroom to run at top speed. Moreover, this site offers you tips and tricks for extracting even more performance with key operations, like exporting files.

With top speed and ample storage, you can keep all your previews rendered at the highest resolution you need, and Lightroom can read and display them faster than you might have believed possible. We recommend a maximum memory configuration for users with large Lightroom libraries.

The MPG Pro Laptop will make your Adobe Lightroom experience the best you've ever had!

Other RAW Processing and digital workflow

PhaseOne® CaptureONE® Pro, Apple Aperture®, Nikon™ Capture NX™ 2, Canon® Digital Photo Professional all can benefit from plenty of fast storage and/or dedicated, fast scratch space. As the power of multiple CPUs comes to bear, fast storage means the CPUs don't have to wait for data from disk. With the MPG Pro Laptop, performance and responsiveness remains as high as possible, especially as your data grows.

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