Get your MPG Pro Laptop

Step 1 — Request a Quote.

You’ll receive a quote via email, usually within 24 hours. On page 2 will be ordering details. On page 3 will be the cost breakdown.

Step 2 — Set up Your Order

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Page 2 of the quote details the process:

  1. Contact OWC to set up your order.
  2. Order your MacBook Pro and have it shipped to OWC, include your OWC reference number as part of the shipping info (thanks for using Mac Performance Guide links to order the Mac Pro, as we do get some credit).
  3. OWC will ship your MPG Pro Workstation within 2-3 business days after the Mac Pro is received.

Note: Your transaction is with OWC. DIGLLOYD does not sell, warranty, guarantee or otherwise accept any responsibility or liability for the system you order. OWC configures and tests the MPG Pro Workstation per Mac Performance Guide / DIGLLOYD specifications Your purchase with respect to DIGLLOYD is in accordance with the terms of use and the consulting agreement, when applicable.

Not sure about a MacBook Pro?

Consider also a MPG Pro Workstation™. An MPG Pro laptop works well as an adjunct to an MPG Photo Workstation.


Everyone's needs vary, and the right blend of performance, storage, reliability, and cost can vary. That's why we offer consulting to help you decide which Mac to get as well as how to configure it— without spending any more than you need to. Contact us for a consultation.

MacBook Pro configuration details

Please see the previous page for the dual internal drive configuration and approximate cost.

You supply the MacBook Pro of your choice, see above and also considerations below for 15" vs 17" model.

1) Optional install of a second internal drive requires removing the internal optical (DVD) drive and using an external optical drive. A bootable SD card or USB thumb drive is also availabe for emergency boot-up/repair.

2) Dual drive system supports RAID 1 mirroring (for redundancy and reliability) or RAID 0 striping (2X performance and capacity) or separate volumes.

3) Many users are delighted with

Screen size

17" model has 3 USB ports and ExpressCard/34 slot for eSATA support

15" model has 2 USB ports, NO ExpressCard/34, but does have an SD card slot

CPU 2.3GHz Intel Quad-Core i7 2011 model strongly recommended.
Memory (RAM)
8GB, 12GB or 16GB OWC memory for 2011 models (order from Apple with minimum memory)
Older MacBook Pros can go to 8GB.
Fulfillment Systems are typically built and shipped within 2 working days after MacBook Pro is received.
Install memory and SSD, create RAID (if applicable) [4] YES
Install system software optimally, software updates, preferences. YES
8-hour RAM burn-in + drive speed verification for SSD and HD YES
Warranty[1] Full manufacturer's warranty, 90 days parts and labor on system assembly, return shipping included
MacBook Pro cost
You supply the MacBook Pro
See this page for suggestions on getting one

Parts + labor see [2]

No markup on parts.
See this page for drive and memory cost
Labor charge of $399 per laptop.
External Storage for travel and/or backup Mercury Elite Al-Pro-Mini 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive, or 1TB version.
Time Machine backup (recommended)

For travel: Mercury Elite Al-Pro-Mini 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive, other options available.

For office: Mercury Elite AL-Pro 2TB, or QX2 w/RAID5

Backups External. Backups to be stored safely apart/away from your system. Your choice.
Wide gamut external display Optional NEC 27" or 30" color-calibrated professional monitor
Software/other Upon request. Any other software or add-ons Any Apple products (AppleCare Protection Plan, MobileMe, etc)

[1] We do nothing to invalidate Apple's standard warranties, and accept no responsibility for any action Apple might take. Optional Applecare enrollment is the option and responsibility of the customer (you), and can be purchased separately from Apple. Apple-provided warranties cover the base system, but we are not responsible for Apple's warranty policies. Your warranty on other parts and service is strictly with the provider of that equipment, not with DIGLLOYD.

[2] Costs shown are approximate. Actual prices fluctuate based on component market prices, hardware choices. Shipping, backup drives, display(s), and extras like uninterruptible power supply (UPS) are at additional cost. All prices are detailed in system quote.


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