Single or dual internal drives to suit any need

MPG Pro Laptop interior
Interior of a dual-SSD MPG Pro Laptop

For the ultimate in reliability, go with a solid state drive (SSD). SSDs have no moving parts, and are 2-6 times faster thant the fastest laptop hard drive.

All MPG Pro Laptops have the option of dual internal drives, which can join forces to suit your particular needs for enhanced capacity, performance, or reliability.

Choose dual solid state drives, dual hard drives, or one of each. Popular choices include the folllowing:

SSD reliability and c apacity

The enterprise-grade solid state drives we choose for RAID have 28% over-provisioning for long-term performance and reliability (most other brands have 0% over provisioning!). Hence 200GB instead of 240GB, 400GB instead of 480GB, etc.

For a single volume, or dual individual volume setups, models with 7% over-provisioning (OP) remain incredibly durable and robust, and are still hugely preferable to alternative brands with 0% over-provisioning. These models available at 120/240/480GB capacity.

Getting one

Not sure which configuration is best? Request a quote and we'll take it from there.

You supply the MacBook Pro of your choice (screen size and type and speed, etc).

All 2011 MacBook Pros can accept up to 16GB memory.

Goal: extreme speed

Approximate cost: $399 labor +parts (dual SSD, bracket)

Dual solid state drives of the same capacity, configured as a single volume (RAID-0 stripe).

Goal: exceptional speed

Approximate cost: $399 labor + parts (SSD, memory)

One 240GB or 480GB SSD:

Goal: Cost-effective reliability

Approximate cost: $399 labor + parts (dual HDD, bracket, memory)

Choose dual 500GB 7200rpm hard drives (or SSDs) configured as a single mirror volume (RAID-1 mirror).


Everyone's needs vary, and the right blend of performance, storage, reliability, and cost can vary. That's why we offer consulting to help you decide which Mac to get as well as how to configure it— without spending any more than you need to. Contact us for a consultation.

Interior view

Shown below, a 17" MPG Pro Laptop with dual OWC 200GB Mercury Extreme solid state drives. One is mounted in the standard bay at upper left, and the other is mounted in the optical bay. The 8GB of memory is at center, as two 4GB modules.

The whole setup is neat and tidy, with no moving parts! The optical drive has been removed, and an external optical drive should be considered with your MPG Pro Laptop.

MPG Pro Laptop interior
An MPG Pro La top with dual OWC 200GB Mercury Extreme solid state drives.

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