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Mac Pro
An ordinary MacBook Pro, or is it?

On-the-go professionals need laptops that will hold up to field use and provide ideal performance and reliability.

The MPG Pro Laptop is a ultra high performance portable system configured for speed and reliability, pre-tested and ready-to-use.

Using a single fast solid state drive, or even dual internal drives (solid state and/or hard drive), the options open up to the ultimate in speed, or mirrored reliability, and various other combinations of speed and capacity.

For over a year, I pondered a way to deliver ready-to-use and pre-tested systems to my consulting clients that lived up to the high expectations described here at Mac Performance Guide.

The solution? A time-saving and convenient new service provided by Other World Computing. OWC delivers a pre-tested and ready-to-use MPG Pro Laptop to your door according to DIGLLOYD specifications and using the diglloydTools to verify performance and reliability.

—Lloyd Chambers, Mac Performance Guide author

Huge performance gain with SSD vs fast hard drive

Laptop users have special needs: reliability in the field is paramount, and performance must be high to support work in the field for demanding photography or HD video capture or editing. The MPG Pro Laptop encapsulates that approach: it leverages the hardware expansion capabilities of Apple's superbly-engineered MacBook Pro together with optimal configuration to provide the best possible experience, based on the research presented here at Mac Performance Guide.

Our configurations reflect feedback from hundreds of professional photographers and media professionals, ranging from wedding to sports to stock photography to landscape to service bureaus.

The MPG Pro Laptop is especially well suited for photography and similar media, but is valuable in any demanding professional environment.


Other World Computing

MPG Pro Laptops built, configured and tested by OWC

DIGLLOYD specifies the hardware components, system configuration and burn-in testing procedures of the MPG Pro Laptop, based on research you'll find here at Mac Performance Guide. DIGLLOYD does not sell Macs.

Please note that your transaction is entirely with OWC. DIGLLOYD does not sell, warranty, guarantee or otherwise accept any responsibility or liability for the system you order. The role of DIGLLOYD is advisory, in accordance with the terms of use of this site and the consulting agreement, when applicable.

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